We train leaders using a 1 to 1 approach tried and tested with elite athletes


Just as you can train your body, mindfulness is a way of training your mind to become stronger and more flexible through short, regular exercises.

Watch this video to hear senior leaders talk about the impact Mindful Peak Performance has had on them.

Research shows as little as 10 minutes a day can measurably improve mental skills.
Elite athletes and leaders rely on mindfulness for performance and wellbeing
Neuroscience has identified 8 regions of the brain enhanced by meditation.
Our approach is tailored for individuals who strive for peak performance in high-pressure environments. Our bespoke programme supports you with:


This is not a 'one size fits all' service. We listen to you, get to know you and discover how mindfulness can work best in your life. Our programme centres around a genuine relationship between you and our coaches. We provide an independent sounding board for you as you apply this new approach to your life.

There are 3 phases of Mindful Peak Performance for Leaders, usually delivered over 24 weeks:
We get to know your situation and goals and begin to shape a simple, daily mindfulness practice that works for you, supported by our exclusive app MINDPRO.
We work together as you grow in confidence applying mindfulness to your life, exploring key areas where you feel pressure, reactivity and opportunities develop.
We ensure you feel confident using and adapting a mindfulness practice to support your life ongoingly, and leave you with tips to keep your practice fresh.


CHECK IN - We reflect on your past week together, focussing on issues and opportunities

MEDITATION - We guide you in a meditation practice relevant to you.

CHECK OUT - We review the meditation and offer tips on how to apply it to everyday life

HOME PRACTICE - Using our exclusive app MINDPRO you practice short meditations during the week.


Flexible, usually delivered over 24 sessions.


Sessions can be in-person or online.


Sessions are usually weekly, 50 minutes each.


Our programme and costs are flexible to accommodate our individual clients, but a typical 24 session program delivered over 6 to 9 months costs £5,995. and includes free access to our exclusive app MINDPRO.



Luke trained as an elite rugby player and was capped for England under-18's. He earned a degree and Postgrad diploma in Law as well as advanced-level mindfulness training qualifications from Breathworks and the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre. He's since been dedicated to devising and delivering bespoke mindfulness programmes for some of the UK's leading athletes and forward thinking executives, working with Premiership rugby and football players, Olympians and Team GB athletes. His innovative approaches using mindfulness have received national media coverage and he's part of a consortium which advises the Dept. of Health and Social Care.

A former international tennis player herself, Miia became a coach to elite athletes and a lecturer in Leisure and Sports Studies. She is a mindfulness expert who has led the development of therapeutic models proven through academic research for their beneficial impact on psychological wellbeing and performance. She is highly experienced in the fields of executive and sports performance coaching and currently holds a Directorship of a specialist association within the mental health charity Mind.


"Working with Luke has helped me as a leader through stressful times of change and transition, and mindfulness has given me a better ability to switch out of ‘work mode’ to create a better work/life balance. Luke's style of teaching mindfulness is clear, direct and he is empathetic - I'd highly recommend working with him"

Guy West, Managing Director of Westbuild Homes
"Working with Luke has given me the ability to rediscover the benefits of mindfulness and enabled me to define my own leadership style, using compassion and positivity as a mechanism to deal with my own anxieties. Leadership can be lonely, and expectations can be placed upon us to perform in a certain way. That, in combination with an increasing sense of having to be ‘on’ 24 hours a day, saw me seeking help to stop, listen and better connect with the world and people around me. Luke has provided me with a range of techniques to explore and, most importantly, created a safe, honest and nourishing relationship that has helped me to thrive both personally and professionally."

Jonathan Berry, Sales Director & Director of People, Places & Purpose at Tyler Grange
"Sessions with Miia are both deeply reflective and highly practical. She’s enabled me more clearly and fully to understand what I value the most and helped me centre that in all aspects of work and more widely in my life. I’ve been so happily surprised by how quickly using the tools and techniques she’s introduced me to have made things I found difficult at work both easier and more enjoyable. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Miia!"

Beth, Team Leader at Museum of London
"The work that Miia did with me made a profound impact on my life. Her skillful and perceptive coaching held a safe space for me to discover and contemplate aspects of myself and my situation with clarity and fearless curiosity. The introduction to mindfulness as part of our coaching work was one of the greatest gifts I ever received. With kindness and empathy Miia taught me how to cultivate presence and acceptance. She supported my practice over time, helping me make it a precious tool for happiness in my life."

Francesca Cignola, Innovation consultant