BAM! was developed for young people in need with support from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Ideas & Pioneers Fund and Barnardo’s

Mindfulness where it matters!

BAM! is a fusion of boxing & mindfulness, a new way to get physically & mentally fit with a proven impact particularly among young carers and young people at risk
Less than 20% of the young people we work with are deemed “active” by the NHS scale at the start of our projects, but over 80% are active by the end.
Over 85% of the young people we work with report improvements in wellbeing indicators such as stress levels, confidence and feelings of happiness
Over 75% of the young people we work with say our projects increased their feelings of belonging and connection

80% are inactive & lack access to sports.

1 in 3 have a mental health problem

89% feel lonely because of their caring role

We deliver 6 week courses and 1 hour workshops in person and online. We also run free, weekly online groups and produce home workout videos.

Each BAM! session involves
THEME - issues relevant to young carers

CHECK IN - space to say how we’re feeling and connect with others

NON-CONTACT BOXING - exercise and boxing technique for all abilities

MINDFULNESS - meditation to relax and manage stress

DISCUSSION - space for questions, feedback and requests
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provides sport, exercise and a chance to blow off steam.

offers stress-busting techniques and relaxation exercises.

is a safe way to release tension and frustration.

improves confidence and self-esteem.


Rates of violence, gang involvement and knife crime are up

School suspensions and exclusions are rising in deprived communities

Cuts to youth centres and sport provision affect those most in need

We deliver 6 week courses and 1 hour workshops in person and online. We also run after-school clubs in partnership with local boxing clubs.

Our sessions provide a safe context for connecting with others with mutual respect and speaking about issues relevant to young people at risk.
Our pro instructors have designed workouts which build confidence, self-awareness, teamwork and a sense of personal responsibility.
We teach meditations and practical mindfulness techniques to help deal with the stressful situations young people at risk face and learn how to switch off

provides access to high-quality sport and healthy activity.

offers ways to manage stress and anger

introduces positive role-models, environments and attitudes

improves self-belief and aspirations

strengthens communities and encourages respect