MPP is a social enterprise dedicated to using mindfulness to enhance performance and mental wellbeing in sport, at work and in the community.

We use original & accessible mindfulness practices, coaching techniques & team building exercises developed with premier league football and premiership rugby players, team GB olympians and paralympic athletes.  

Our team away days, performance & wellbeing pathways and 1:1 mindfulness coaching for leaders all use evidence based mindfulness training and practical tools to help people cultivate presence of mind and thrive under pressure.


MPP’s diverse team includes expert mindfulness teachers, clinicians, business leaders and former elite athletes. What united us all is our shared passion for enhancing performance and mental wellbeing.

Founder & Managing Director

A former England U-18s rugby player, Luke left elite sports to train in mindfulness and study how contemplative practices supports high performance and mental wellbeing. He now designs and delivers bespoke programmes for elite athletes, business leaders and teams, and grassroots communities.

Luke has a Degree in Law and a Postgrad diploma in Law & Community Leadership. He holds advanced mindfulness training qualifications from Breathworks and the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre.

Mindfulness Teacher and Facilitator

A former international tennis player, Miia has since worked in the fields of executive coaching and sports performance coaching.

Miia is a mindfulness expert who has led the development of therapeutic models proven through academic research to improve psychological wellbeing and performance.

Miia is also an experienced Supervisor, Chair, Trustee, and a specialist Director for the charity Mind.

Director, Mindfulness Teacher and Facilitator

Karim is a BAMBA registered mindfulness teacher, facilitator and former business leader who has run experiential leadership programmes for public, private and third sector leaders in 15 countries.

Karim has an MBA, is pursuing an MA at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, and is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. He is a Trustee at Breathworks, a leading mindfulness training organisation, and advises a start-up global knowledge platform for transformation and innovation to redesign society.

Director and Clinical Supervisor

Matt is an entrepreneur and social science researcher who has been working with MPP since inception and has been instrumental in designing, evaluating and scaling our community projects.

Matt has co-developed programmes for addiction recovery. He holds an MSc in Social Anthropology, an MSc in Therapeutic Counselling and is a BACP psychotherapist.


Asia is a psychology graduate, art therapy trainee, and mindfulness coach who’s passionate about supporting people to live more authentic and peaceful lives in connection to themselves and others. She has worked with children, teens, and adults in healthcare and education.

Having taught in both clinical and non-clinical settings, and having co-run compassion-focused therapy groups, Asia has developed her own teaching methods and techniques, which are greatly enriched and supported by her psychological and psychotherapeutic knowledge.

Boxing and Mindfulness (BAM!) Coach

Emmanuel MPP’s lead boxing coach for both community and corporate programmes. He is a trained youth worker and safeguarding lead with extensive experience managing youth services across East London.  

Emmanuel is an avid boxer and has been involved in boxing projects to teach young people defensive skills and engage them in discussions on safety and security, leadership and community cohesion.

Mindfulness Teacher and Facilitator

Karen is an accredited coach and mindfulness trainer. She offers executive coaching working with leaders, managers and teams in the workplace.

Her approach focuses on creating time and space for clients to embrace change, to reflect on their purpose and values, their inner life: feelings, triggers, fixed beliefs, biases, motivations, impulses, actions, mind-set and attitude.

Karen trained in restorative facilitation, a particular mediation approach, to help people in conflict repair relationships and find a way forward together.


Matt Symons is a former professional rugby player, with a career spanning 8 seasons, including 2 years playing in New Zealand. Matt retired at Harlequins in 2022, having started in the 2021 Premiership Final win the previous season. Prior to this, Matt was a member of the GB Rowing High Performance Programme, before injury curtailed his career.

Matt completed his MBA at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School in 2024. His thesis was focused on improving the physical wellbeing of senior business leaders.

Office Manager

Kelly hails from Cape Town in South Africa, where she works as a Virtual Executive Assistant with over 16 years of experience in Finance and Admin.

Kelly is integral to the smooth running of MPP and helps us manage our calendars, client engagements, finances and everything in-between!



Our organisation, volunteers, clients and supporters enable our vision of sharing mindfulness with those who need it most


We work, communicate and teach with openness and realness, even when it’s messy or challenging


We make mindfulness relatable and useful, whatever your background and the challenges you face are.


We see strengths and potential, not problems or limitations. We help each other to live fully and meaningfully.


We learn from everyone we teach, co-creating unique approaches to performing well and a new image of mental health



Mindfulness is about being fully present and engaged in what you are doing

Mindfulness involves becoming more consistently aware of your physical feelings, thoughts and emotions without judging them or getting distracted. Using simple techniques and as little as 10 minutes practice per day you can become happier, calmer and better able to perform well whatever you are doing, especially under pressure.

Performance and wellbeing are two sides of the same coin.

Our approach makes your mind more focused, calm and non-judgemental which makes you both perform and feel better. It connects you with purpose in your life which means you can work, train, and live more effectively and happily.

Mindfulness isn’t mysterious, religious or off in clouds.

It’s a simple, down-to-earth approach to living and working which is scientifically-backed and easily practicable by absolutely anybody. We speak plainly, teach exercises which are straight forward and connect them directly with situations in your life.

Mindfulness is as much about your body as your mind.

We’re a mind-obsessed society and mindfulness is often taught with this cerebral bias. Our mindfulness develops mind and body awareness. We use body sensations as a central focus and, like physical training, encourage short, regular repetitions of these exercises.