Less than 20% of the young people we work with are deemed “active” by the NHS scale at the start of our projects, but over 80% are active by the end.
Over 85% of the young people we work with report improvements in wellbeing indicators such as stress levels, confidence and feelings of happiness
Over 75% of the young people we work with say our projects increased their feelings of belonging and connection
Clear a safe space at home, grab a bottle of water and follow these home workouts between BAM! sessions or whenever you feel like it!
Workout 1

Transforming a distracted mind
Workout 2

Using breath to calm the mind
Workout 3

Transforming frustration
Workout 4

Transforming anger
Workout 5

Finding purpose in your life
Workout 6

Finding your vision for the future

Thanks to all the young people who contributed to the creation of these videos!
Thanks also to the generous support from Compass Wellbeing CIC and Axis Foundation.